Virus telescam

August 31st, 2010  |  Published in Uncategorized

I had a man in an Indian call centre ring me yesterday claiming to be from ‘Windows’, telling me that my PC was infected with a virus. Luckily I had already read about this scam, so I swore at him and hung up.

Basically Microsoft never cold call, these are organised scammers, using info from online directories, which is how they have your name adress and number. The techinian gets you to open the start menu and display the registry log, something you may never have done, so you already feel out of your depth. Almost any computer will have some error messages there, so he will use that as ‘evidence’ that your PC is infested with a trojan.

You are then passed to a technician, who for money (ie your credit card details) will fix your PC. While he’s at it he will persuade you to give him online control of your PC – be assured that nothing good will come of it!

The Police arent interested unless you lose money, and obviously any contact details given are false, so they still can’t help –  so be warned, and tell him what to do with his online support.

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