Recieved a PAYE underpayment notice?

September 8th, 2010  |  Published in Uncategorized

Thousands are receiving notices demanding tax under deducted by their employer’s PAYE scheme, dating back to the issue of incorrect codes by HMRC’s computer systems. About 1.4 million people are facing demands to repay an average of £1,428.

HMRC have taken huge numbers of staff from their regular duties to persue their claims.

If you have received one of these notices call me to make an appointment. You are quite within your rights to challenge these demands, or arrange for time to pay.

BEWARE of emails or cold calls about PAYE underpayments, or refunds of any overpayment. These are scams designed to get your baking / card details – HMRC NEVER email taxpayers, or cold call without sending notices in the post first.

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