Compulsory online VAT Returns

August 26th, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized

HMRC proposes that from 1 April 2012, it will be compulsory for VAT registered businesses with a turnover below £100,000, to file VAT returns online and pay VAT due by electronic payment.

Some people just can’t, or won’t go online, and won’t be made to. I can think of one or two for whom it really wouldn’t be a good idea.

If this includes you, you should start taking steps now to have an agent do it for you. The only proposed ‘getouts’ at the moment are where there are insolvency procedures, or businesses ‘run by people who are practising members of religious societies or orders whose beliefs are incompatible with the use of electronic communications (that is, forbid the use of computers).’

It might be more trouble than its worth to start your own cult, just to keep paper VAT returns, so let us do it for you.

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