HMRC target buy-to-let landlords and restaurants as it launches more specialist teams to combat tax evasion

November 8th, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized

A new taskforce to combat tax evasion by landlords was announced today by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

The taskforce will target tax evasion amongst landlords who own and/or rent more than three properties, focusing on North West England and North Wales.

A taskforce has also been set-up to target self-employed builders who suppress sales or over-claim expenses in the same areas of the UK.

Source: Daily Mail 7 Nov 2011

If you are renting out property, and not completing a Self Assessment Tax Return, you should contact us now and put your affairs in order before you are approached by HMRC.

HMRC have also announced a crackdown on restaurants.

BOSSES at 150 restaurants in the North West have been investigated for tax evasion since the launch of a new taskforce.

Blackpool Citizen 7/11/11

We have experience of these cases, and can tell you what to expect, and how to put things right, whether you are being investigated or not.

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