Got a Jersey bank account?

November 9th, 2012  |  Published in Uncategorized

HMRC is examining leaked list of 4,388 UK residents who bank with HSBC in Channel Islands tax haven

 The leaked list of HSBC clients is reported to include names from the oil and mining industries as well as doctors and some celebrities – all groups which typically have significant overseas earnings. “Types and rates of tax vary between countries, so you’ll need to understand your tax obligations (at home and abroad) and how to make the most of potential tax efficiencies,” the bank advises potential customers moving overseas on its website.

The leaked list of clients has only very recently been sent to Revenue & Customs, where investigators are looking to check that leaked details correspond with the declared tax affairs of the individuals concerned.

If you feel you are affected by this, you might want to have a chat before the enquiry from HMRC lands on your doormat.


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