HMRC sends out missing RTI deadline letters

September 10th, 2013  |  Published in Uncategorized

Source: AccountingWeb

Around 167,000 employers who have missed one or more deadlines for reporting PAYE information in real time will receive a letter from HMRC this month.

HMRC has warned employers who have failed to follow the new real time information (RTI) process to “act now” and start reporting in real time.

Earlier this summer, HMRC reported that 300,000 schemes that should be on the RTI scheme had yet to come out of the woodwork.

Even if you don’t pay an employee or director in any month, you still need to make a nil submission to HMRC

We can set up a scheme and make the submissions for you, so if you have received such a letter, get in touch.

Edited to add:

I am now getting these notifications where the online submission is received one day after the payment, apparently I have to predict something that hasn’t happened yet. Heaven help us when there is a £100 fine with each notice after April, I predict chaos with thousands of appeals in the syste. Anyway, we will all have to raise our game.

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