HMRC registration & scam emails

January 28th, 2014  |  Published in Uncategorized

If you register for HMRC services online, you may receive an email like this, apparently from HMRC, after you have submitted your tax returns

the emails are sent from a legitimate looking email address ending in and include a ZIP file and a reference number. When accessed as a website. the website bears the logo but is in fact a fake site.

The emails state the self assessment submissions were received but were not processed.

NEVER open an unsolicited zip file, this will infect your computer with a virus leaving you wide open to whatever fraud the scammers are engaged in.

We have also recently received ‘complaint’ emails, stating that someone we have never heard of has filed a complaint. It is understandable that business owners will immediately click a link on such an email, but again, it is an attempt to compromise your PC. Likewise, someone pretending to be your bank may ask you to login and verify your details, with convincing emails and websites. Your real bank would NEVER do this, again, it’s a scam.

If you think you are the victim of scammers, or have had a ‘dodgy’ email, visit for free and impartial advice.

If you are concerned about submitting tax, PAYE or VAT returns online, we can do it for you.

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