Micro businesses given two year RTI exemption

February 17th, 2014  |  Published in Uncategorized

HMRC has given microbusinesses, or businesses with nine or fewer employees, an extra two years to prepare for RTI, their new system where PAYE payments are notified in real time. If you recall, the point of RTI is so HMRC know exactly when an employee gets paid, and can export the info to the DWP, who were supposed to be running an online universal credit system. That however has turned into a predictable shambles.

HMRC said that micro employers and, where appropriate, their agents, who need more time will have up to two years to adapt their processes to ensure they are ready to report under RTI in April 2016.

I can do your RTI online, but as a micro business myself, I can only do monthly pay schemes for now, I’m not committing myself to having to run payrolls every week come what may.

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