Companies House scam emails

February 17th, 2014  |  Published in Uncategorized

Today I got an official looking email purporting to be from Companies House, who I have an online account with, saying that ‘my complaint’ was being processed. The odd thing was that there was no client company name or number, just this website address. Also, I hadn’t the foggiest what they were talking about.

However convincing, if you get something similar, DO NOT follow the links given, or do anything other than delete the message. The email is a ‘phishing’ attempt, to steal your passwords and logins, or worse.

If in doubt, ring me or forward me the message. The ‘from’ address is spoofed, looking at the IP address in the email headers, mine came from that well known HQ location of Companies House, er, Chennai, in the Tamil Nadu region of India. If you are reading this, scammers, go and stick your email up your bottoms.

If you have responded, get on to Companies House at their real website, and tell them. They do have a warning there about this sort of email, but can also change your passwords and look out for your company suddenly doing something very strange, like relocating to India!

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