HMRC to introduce staggered RTI non-compliance penalties

February 24th, 2014  |  Published in Uncategorized

Almost a year on from the passing of the Real Time Information (RTI) deadline, HMRC is beginning a campaign to follow up with organisations that are not yet making PAYE submissions in real-time.

According to figures released by HMRC in February, two large companies and more than 2,000 smaller employers have not begun reporting in real-time. HMRC would not comment on the cases specifically but said, “over 99% of PAYE employment records are now being reported in real time” and that “HMRC is continuing to work closely with the very small number of large employers who are yet to start reporting.”

With this in mind, HMRC will stagger the introduction of automated, in-year late payment and filing penalties, to give employers more time to adapt.

The new penalty stages will be:
April 2014: in-year interest on any in-year payment not made by the due date
October 2014: automatic in-year late filing penalties
April 2015: automatic in-year late payment penalties

If you have not begun reporting real-time PAYE information to HMRC you are at risk of incurring penalties in the future – and automatic late filing penalties will begin from April 2014.

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