‘HMRC’ bogus calls and email scams. Again.

February 6th, 2020  |  Published in Uncategorized

Ive posted about this before, but having just paid your tax, you’d love a refund, right? Or not having paid your tax you’re worried that HMRC will be on your case any day now.

So far this week I’ve had calls from two worried clients that HMRC has emailed to repay them some random and unexpected amount, but are asking for their card details to facilitate the repayment. One I had forwarded to me tells you to make sure you have your bank card ready when you click on the link or call the number.

If it sounds too good to be true, then, yes it is, these are scammers, probably overseas, with convincing(ish) ‘HMRC’ web addresses – once they have your card details they will be off to spend your money or empty your bank account ASAP. DON’T reply or open any links on the email.

One I’m getting myself is a robotic voice on the landline, telling me the HMRC have a warrant out for my arrest, and I should press 1 to talk to my case officer. No doubt he has a script to help him get my card details so I can pay some notional amount to clear my account.

If you get this just hang up, these people really are the scum of the earth. If there really is any surplus or shortfall on your account, be sure that the real HMRC will WRITE to you about it. In reality I find it almost impossible to engage with the real HMRC by email at all, they’re just not that modern.

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