Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

May 5th, 2020  |  Published in Uncategorized

HMRC have now published information about who can apply for this relief, if they have been financially hit by the Covid-19 crisis and how to go about it.

As they have done this in a hurry, I’m disappointed to tell you that I cannot apply for you as an agent, they won’t even let me apply for myself as they see me as my own client! You couldn’t make it up.

The scheme will go live between 13 and 18 May 2020. HMRC should contact you to tell you that you are eligible, in the meantime you can use the link above to check.

Remember you are not signing up for self assessment from scratch. If you were, you wouldn’t be eligible for this scheme anyway. You’ll need your 10 digit UTR number, which will be on any correspondence you have with HMRC, and your NI number. You will be able to apply for the gateway access when you apply for the grant, apparently they are dispensing with the usual shenanigans where they send you a code through the post within 10 days.

Once you have your gateway access, you should be able to log in and, after the start date, apply for the financial help. You’ll need to tell them which bank account you want it paying to, and yes, it will be treated as taxable income when we do your accounts!

Be warned, there are scammers out there, so don’t respond with your bank details to an email or text out of the blue, even if it does appear to come from HMRC, use the procedure outlined above. You may get a text or email from HMRC genuinely, but it will NOT include an active link. If it does, it will be from the Crown Prince of Nigeria or his barrister.

If in doubt, ask me.

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